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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Petrol Diesel 1996 2009

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four-wheel drive car inside the Toyota Land Cruiser range. It is yielded by the Japanese vehicle machine, Toyota Motor Corporation. The Prado is regarded as the small cars inside the range. The 2014 Prado is based about Toyota's J150 platform.

In Europe the 2014 Prado is designated Land Cruiser LC3, LC4, plus LC5, depending found on the equipment degrees. The Prado will furthermore be refereed with because Land Cruiser LC70, LC90, LC120, plus LC150 depending found on the platform. In North America it is actually not element of the Land Cruiser range; the Toyota 4Runner replaces the Prado with standard trim when the Lexus GX 470 replaces the Prado with deluxe trim. The GX 470 utilizes practically identical body panels plus V8 engine.

Prados have ladder frames, two-speed transfer boxes plus back beam axles. The J70 platform has a front beam axle when the J90, J120, plus J150 platforms have front independent suspension

The 2014 Prado is obtainable in GX, GXL, VX, plus Grande versions. The GX is the entry level model, whilst the Grande is the deluxe adaptation. In many markets the Parado is accessible with a four.0 L V6 petrol engine or 3.0 L directly 4 Diesel engine. In several European nations commercial van variants, based found on the short-wheelbase chassis. are accessible.

NOx is a generic expression for the mono-nitrogen oxides NO plus NO2. These are generally yielded within the response of nitrogen plus oxygen gases inside the air throughout combustion, incredibly at excellent temperatures. In regions of significant engine car traffic, including inside big cities, the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted into the ambiance because air pollution is immense. NOx gases are created when combustion happens inside the presence of nitrogen because inside an air-breathing engine; they equally are yielded naturally by lightning. In atmospheric chemistry, the expression signifies the total focus of NO plus NO2. NOx gases respond with shape smog plus acid rainfall in addition to being central with the formation of tropospheric ozone.

NOx cannot be confused with nitrous oxide, that is a greenhouse fuel plus has several uses because an oxidizer, an anesthetic, along with a food additive.
In May 1996, the J70 series underwent a makeover plus surfaced because the J90 series Prado, an independent series. The body was lengthened. The shape stayed medium duty, like the J70. The front suspension was changed with an independent shape, shared with Tacoma plus Hilux Surf, created by Hino. The J90 was prepared by Tahara Plant, accessible because a three-door brief wheelbase plus five-door lengthy wheelbase adaptation.

In Japan, the 3-door series began with an R inside the series ranging from RZ, RX, RS with RJ whilst the 5-door line-up began with T inside the series ranging from TZ, TX, TS, with TJ. All models came with front double wishbone plus 4 connected suspension in addition to full-time 4WD. ABS along with a Field Monitor showing altimeter, thermometer plus stress were standard in every the models. The field monitor wasn't accessible because standard equipment inside South Africa. Television show plus sound set was optional.

Gasoline motors included the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE plus, new inside Prado models, the 3.4 L V6 5VZ-FE. Diesel machines were the 2.8 L 3L engine, the 3.0 L 5L engine as well as the 3.0 L 1KZ-TE.

There was additionally a deluxe variation of the J90, called the Challenger. Features of the Challenger are standard leather seats plus lumber found on the dash.

By June 1999, minor changes were created. In purchase to adhere to brand-new regulations, fog-lamps were put into the bumper, except inside South Africa. In July 2000, a hot diesel engine, the 3.0 L Common Rail Diesel Injection 1KD-FTV was introduced into this model. To decrease theft, an engine immobilizer was accessible. TX Limited with 8 seats utilized TX base with rooftop rail, back below mirror, lumber panel finish, arm rest, optitron meter, base cooling in addition to back heater was introduced into this series.

The Prado was assembled by Sofasa inside Colombia from 1999 till 2009 without substantial changes. There were 2 versions, a 3-door with a 2.7 L engine plus 5-door with a 3.4 L V6 engine with either a 5-speed guide or perhaps a 4-speed automatic. Between 2005 plus 2009 they available an optional armoured variation of the 5-door variation.

Whenever the Prado was established inside the UK inside 1996, it was called the Land Cruiser Colorado plus changed the 4Runner, that had been discontinued from sale. It was called this with distinguish it within the bigger Land Cruiser renamed because the Land Cruiser Amazon that was absolutely about sale. It dropped the Colorado name tag inside 2003, whenever it was renamed merely Land Cruiser. In the Republic of Ireland many Land Cruisers were available because commercials with all the side windows plus seats removed for taxes factors.
The Toyota RZ engine family is a straight-4 piston engine series integrated Japan. The RZ series utilizes a cast iron engine block plus aluminum SOHC or DOHC cylinder heads. It has EFI gas injection, 2 or 4 valves per cylinder plus attributes forged steel connecting rods.
The 3RZ-FE is a 2.7 L adaptation. Bore is 95 mm plus stroke is 95 mm. Compression ratio is 9.5 with 1. Output is 150 hp at 4800 RPM with 177 lbof torque at 4000 RPM. This engine attributes twin, chain-driven balance shafts. It has 4 valves per cylinder plus DOHC. Valve change is by shim over bucket.
Appearing inside 2002, the 3rd generation Prado has revised front suspension with boost security, along with a modern body developed at the Toyota ED2 shape studio inside France from 1998 with early 2000.

A turbocharger is a supercharger which is driven by the engine's exhaust gases, through a turbine. It consists of the 2 part, high-speed turbine assembly with 1 side which compresses the consumption air, as well as the alternative side which is driven by the exhaust fuel outflow.

Whenever idling, at low-to-moderate speeds, the turbine produces small force within the tiny exhaust amount, the turbocharger has small impact as well as the engine operates almost inside a naturally aspirated way. Whenever more energy output is needed, the engine speed plus throttle starting are improved till the exhaust gases are enough with 'spin up' the turbocharger's turbine with begin compressing more air than general into the consumption manifold.

Turbocharging enables better engine surgery considering it is actually driven by exhaust stress which might otherwise be wasted, nevertheless there is a shape limitation termed as turbo lag. The increased engine force is not instantly accessible due with the requirement with sharply grow engine RPM, with build up stress plus with angle up the turbo, before the turbo begins with do any worthwhile air compression. The improved consumption amount causes improved exhaust plus spins the turbo quicker, so forth till steady significant force procedure is reached. Another difficulty is the fact that the high exhaust stress causes the exhaust fuel with transfer more of its heat with the mechanical components of the engine.

A glowplug is a heating device utilized with help beginning diesel machines. In cold weather, excellent speed diesel machines is difficult with commence considering the mass of the cylinder block plus cylinder head absorb the heat of compression, preventing ignition due with the high surface-to-volume ratio. Pre-chambered machines use little electrical heaters inside the pre-chambers glowplugs while the direct-injected motors have these glowplugs inside the combustion room. The glowplug is a pencil-shaped part of metal with a heating element at the tip. This heating element, whenever electrified, heats due with its electric resistance plus starts with produce light inside the noticeable spectrum, therefore the expression "glow"-plug. The impact is rather synonymous to this of the toaster. Heat produced by the glowplugs is guided into the cylinders, plus serves with warm the engine block instantly surrounding the cylinders. This helps inside reducing the amount of thermal diffusion that will happen whenever the engine tries with commence.

Diesel motors, unlike gasoline motors, never employ spark plugs with cause combustion. Instead, they depend only about compression with raise the temperature of the air with a point where the diesel may combust spontaneously whenever introduced with the hot excellent stress air. The excellent stress plus spray pattern of the diesel ensures a controlled, complete burn. The piston rises, compressing the air inside the cylinder; this causes the air's temperature with rise. By the time the piston reaches the best of its travel path, the temperature inside the cylinder is high. The gas mist is then sprayed into the cylinder; it immediately combusts, forcing the piston downwards, therefore generating force. The stress necessary with heat the air to this temperature, yet, necessitates the utilization of the big plus extremely sturdy engine block.

The condition solved by the glow connect happens whenever beginning a diesel engine from cold, particularly inside cold ambient temperatures, whenever the thermal mass of the metal comprising the combustion chambers more commonly absorbs the heat stamina produced by the compression of the incoming air these which the combustion room temperature is insufficient with help self-combustion. In these conditions, the glowplug is temporarily triggered to incorporate a hotspot in the combustion room till the residual temperature of the combustion room achieves the level necessary with help self-combustion.

For which cause indirect injected diesel motors are produced with glow-plugs inside every prechamber, plus direct injected diesel motors are produced with glow-plugs inside every combustion room.

Engines include the 2.7 L straight-4 3RZ-FE, 3.4 L V-6 5VZ-FE plus 3.0 L straight-4 Turbo diesel 1KZ-TE. In nations like China, a newly developed engine 1GR-FE V6 is accessible. The engine immobilizer became standard equipment inside certain markets.

In August 2004, the 3RZ-FE engine was changed by 2.7 L 2TR-FE engine plus inside July 2005, the 5VZ-FE engine was changed by four.0 L V6 1GR-FE engine with 5-speed automatic transmission obtainable in late 2005. In North America, this model is recognised as the Lexus GX 470 with all the four.7 L V8 2UZ-FE engine engine.

Diesel models have had the 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine with maximum output rating 96 kW plus the 5L-E all-natural aspirated diesel engine rating 70 kW. In November 2006, Toyota introduced the 1KD-FTV Turbo Diesel of energy plus 410 Nm of torque. The upgrade with the D-4D engine was moreover paired with transmission updates with the diesel range, with all the 5-speed automatic plus 6-speed guide transmissions added inside line with all the petrol driven range. From August 2007 the Prado received many equipment plus protection upgrades. The vehicle has claimed 3 awards for the greatest performance about a SUV sort car inside Australia plus US.

The 120-series Land Cruiser Prado shares the same suspension components because the present generation Hilux Surf/4Runner plus FJ Cruiser.

There is a smaller 3 door adaptation of the 120-series, with a 125-code rather of 120. Engines are the same, many attributes are the same; simply the 1KZ-TE was just obtainable in five door variation. The 3 door wagon attributes just 2 seat rows. The gas tank is limited with 87 L, no sub-fuel-tank program accessible.

For model year 2007 about Japanese models just, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, is available because a choice. In China, Dadi Car produced a clone of the suv called the Dadi Shuttle.
The Lexus GX is a deluxe mid-size sport utility car available inside North American plus Eurasian markets by Lexus. Lexus introduced the initially generation, well-known as the GX 470 inside 2002, plus subsequently became the 3rd SUV with enter the Lexus lineup. The 4.7-liter V8 engine inside the GX 470 was the same because utilized found on the greater LX 470. The fast next introduced the 2nd generation model inside 2009. Then badged GX 460 with reflect the switch with a four.6-liter V8 engine, Lexus later introduced a lower displacement GX 400 inside 2012 for the Chinese marketplace, with a four.0-liter V6 engine.

In the Lexus lineup, the GX is located between its crossover counterpart, the RX, as well as the premium full-size LX. All GX manufacturing has happened at the Tahara plant inside Japan, alongside the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. In truth, both decades of the GX have been seriously based found on the Prado, with up-to-date frontal styling with better integrate with all the Lexus shape code. Elsewhere, the changes are less prominent plus primarily limited with minor trimmings, like wheels plus taillamp lenses inserts. Inside, the initial generation interior mostly mirrors which of the Toyota-badged adaptation, yet for the next generation, the interior has been further individualised with less shared componentry.
Lexus introduced the GX 470 at the North American International Car Show inside January 2002 because a 2003 model, with sales commencing inside November 2002. The GX development system started inside 1999 after the J120 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado inside 1997, with shape function by Shoichi Fujiyoshi concluding inside the initial half of 2000. Heavily based found on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the GX plus Prado shared a normal platform, mechanicals, plus bodyworks, thus consequently had well-known standard dimensions. Likewise, the interiors were much the same, with all the Lexus getting further premium touches compared to the Toyota-badged adaptation. Like the Prado, the GX shape included welded steel body-on-frame construction, an electronically controlled five-speed automatic transmission, plus lasting four-wheel drive with a center locking Torsen differential. The suspension shared its design with all the Toyota 4Runner built with the back air suspension, whilst adding Adaptive Variable Suspension plus Downhill Assist Control. AVS can change damper firmness constantly when DAC modulated descents down slopes. Power came from a four.7-liter, 32-valve, four-cam 2UZ-FE V8 engine initially rated at 175 kW at 4,800 rpm plus 434 Nm of torque at 3,400 rpm. Towing capability was rated at 2,300 kg for the 2003 model year. Midway from the 2004 model year, the GX received an upgraded towing ability of 2,900 kg with all the addition of the much stronger frame-bolted tubular hitch. Ground clearance calculated 211 millimetres, with an approach angle of 30-degrees along with a departure angle of 29-degrees raised. The GX 470 carried a drag coefficient of Cd=0.38.
Lexus GX 470 interior

The interior came built with 2 rows of seating, whilst an optional 3rd row enabled about 8 travelers with be carried. But, the folding 3rd row was tight with just 610 mm of legroom. A Mark Levinson sound program and a Rear Seat Entertainment System were accessible because choices. A side-opening back tailgate was standard.

In 2003, for the 2004 model year, the GX 470's transmission was upgraded with a sealed device without dipstick. An optional Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System became accessible because a late-year addition. KDSS freed plus modified the vehicle's stabilizer bars for better articulation permitting the wheels with move with less regulation over uneven terrain, plus utilized front plus back hydraulic pressure-sensing valves plus bigger stabilizer bars with minimize body roll throughout on-road conditions. Safety updates for 2004 included a roll-sensing feature for the side curtain airbags, a tire stress monitoring program, plus an optional back backup camera program.
2008 2009 Lexus GX 470

In 2004, for the 2005 model year, the GX 470's engine gained 26 kW with all the addition of VVT-i for a total of 201 kW. This authorized the SUV with be licensed because an Ultra-Low Emission Car II inside the U.S. Other updates included an increased navigation program, Bluetooth compatibility, plus more voice commands. A Sport model joined the lineup, including the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System plus different styling including smoked bezel headlamps, added chrome trim, plus black bird's eye maple lumber.

In 2005 for the 2006 model year, changes inside SAE engine testing procedures lead to a slight drop inside the amount of stated energy for the V8 with 196 kW, plus Lexus Link telematics was available inside North America. For 2007, the GX 470 was mostly unchanged, with updates for cabin electronics including a brand-new generation navigation program, auxiliary input jack for equipment like an iPod, DVD movie playback whenever parked, plus heavier optional back entertainment movie screen.

Finally, inside 2007 for the model year 2008, the GX 470 received styling updates, including a dark metallic grille, fluid graphite wheels, added outdoor plus inside chrome, revised turn signal lights, plus added lumber plus body color choices.

The Lexus GX has claimed many awards including "Four Wheeler of the Year" inside 2003 plus 2004 from Four Wheeler Magazine, plus Automobile Magazine All-Star for 2003 inside the Mid-Size Sport-Utility category. J.D. Power plus Associates called the GX 470 the greatest rated premium deluxe SUV inside initial standard inside 2005, plus Kelley Blue Book gave the GX 470 its Best Resale Value Award inside 2006.
The relationship involving the rotation of the camshaft as well as the rotation of the crankshaft is of important value. Since the valves control the flow of the air/fuel mixture consumption plus exhaust gases, they need to be opened plus shut at the right time throughout the stroke of the piston. For this cause, the camshaft is associated with the crankshaft either straight, through a gear device, or indirectly through a belt or chain called a timing belt or timing chain. Direct drive utilizing gears is unusual considering the frequently reversing torque caused by the slope of the cams seems with instantly wear out gear teeth. Where gears are utilized, they are made of resistant fibre instead of metal, except inside racing motors which have a excellent upkeep routine. Fibre gears have a brief existence span plus should be changed frequently, much like a timing belt. In certain designs the camshaft additionally forces the distributor as well as the oil plus gas pumps. Many cars could have the energy steering pump driven by the camshaft. With certain early gas injection systems, cams found on the camshaft might work the gas injectors.

An alternative selected inside the early days of OHC machines was with drive the camshaft through a vertical shaft with bevel gears at every end. This program was, for illustration, employed found on the pre-WW1 Peugeot plus Mercedes Grand Prix vehicles. Another way was with employ a triple eccentric with connecting rods; these were utilized about certain W.O. Bentley-designed machines and found on the Leyland Eight.

In a two-stroke engine which utilizes a camshaft, every valve is opened when for each rotation of the crankshaft; inside these motors, the camshaft rotates at the same speed because the crankshaft. In a four-stroke engine, the valves are opened just half because often; therefore, 2 full rotations of the crankshaft happen for every rotation of the camshaft.

The timing of the camshaft is advanced with make greater low RPM torque, or retarded for greater significant RPM force. Either of these moves the total force yielded by the engine down or up the RPM scale respectively. The amount of change is fairly small, plus affects valve with piston clearances.
Duration is the quantity of crankshaft levels of engine rotation throughout that the valve is off the seat. As a generality, better length results inside more horsepower. The RPM where peak horsepower happens is usually improved because length increases at the cost of lower rpm efficiency.

Duration could usually be perplexing considering producers might choose any lift point with promote a camshaft's length plus often might manipulate these numbers. The energy plus idle characteristics of the camshaft rated at .006" is much different than 1 rated the same at .002".

Many performance engine builders gauge a race profile's aggressiveness by lookin at the length at .020", .050" plus .200". The .020" quantity determines how sensitive the engine is and just how much low end torque the engine makes. The .050" amount is utilized with estimate where peak energy may happen, as well as the .200" amount offers an estimate of the force possible.

A secondary impact of improved length is improving overlap, that is the quantity of crankshaft levels throughout that both consumption plus exhaust valves are off their seats. It is overlap that many affects idle standard, inasmuch because the "blow-through" of the consumption charge that happens throughout overlap reduces engine efficiency, plus is largest throughout low RPM procedure. In fact, improving a camshaft's length usually increases the overlap event, except 1 spreads lobe centers between consumption plus exhaust valve lobe profiles.Valve clearance pertains with the little gap between a valve lifter along with a valve stem which ensures which the valve completely closes. On motors with mechanical valve change, excessive clearance causes sound within the valve train. A too tiny valve clearance could cause the valves not closing correctly, this results inside a reduction of performance plus maybe overheating of exhaust valves. Typically, the clearance need to be readjusted every 20,000 miles with a feeler gauge.

Many contemporary creation motors employ hydraulic lifters with automatically pay for valve train component wear. Dirty engine oil can result lifter failure.
A hydraulic valve lifter, sometimes known because a hydraulic tappet or perhaps a hydraulic lash adjuster, is a device for sustaining zero valve clearance inside an internal combustion engine. Conventional strong valve lifters necessary standard adjusting with keep the little clearance involving the valve as well as its rocker or cam follower. This area permitted for thermal expansion, plus prevented the components from binding. This clearance area meant noisy surgery plus earlier wear, because the components might rattle against 1 another till the components heated up plus extended. The hydraulic lifter was tailored with pay for this tolerance, permitting the valve train to work with zero clearance--leading with quieter procedure, longer engine lifetime, plus eliminating the requirement for regular change of valve clearance.

The hydraulic lifter, located involving the camshaft plus every engine's valve, is a hollow steel cylinder encasing an internal piston. This piston is held at the outer limit of its travel with a sturdy spring. The lobed camshaft rhythmically presses up against the lifter, that transmits the motion with the engine valve 1 of 2 ways:

1) from the pushrod that actuates the valve through a rocker mechanism; or
2) inside the case of overhead camshafts, through direct contact with all the valve stem.

Oil below continual stress is provided with the lifter through an oil channel, from the little hole inside the lifter body. Whenever the engine valve is shut, the lifter is free with fill with oil. As the camshaft lobe enters the lift stage of its travel, it compresses the lifter piston, along with a valve shuts the oil inlet. Oil is almost incompressible, thus this better stress renders the lifter effectively strong throughout the lift stage.

As the camshaft lobe travels by its apex, the weight is reduced found on the lifter piston, as well as the internal spring returns the piston with its neutral state thus the lifter may refill with oil. This little range of travel inside the lifter's piston is enough with enable the removal of the continual lash change.

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